Manufacturing of nutritional supplements

  • Sports nutrition (proteins, amino acids, food supplements),
  • Collagen,
  • Vitamins and minerals,
  • Powdered beverages
  • Oils
  • Plant extracts
  • Nut pastes, butters
  • Vitamin packs for employees, business partners

Mixing of powdered mixtures

If you have personal recipe for preparing your own product, we will ensure that every ingredient is carefully mixed and then filled into selected packaging, or we will prepare samples, mini-packs to launch your product.

After the product has been properly mixed, we will definitely secure its packaging with a high-quality label. The packaging line itself enables to speed up the manufacturing process of the final product, which makes it possible to fulfill even the most demanding requirements.

You can supply us with the raw materials for production yourself, or we will provide them from our verified suppliers.

Powdered mixtures are being packed from: 100g – 1500g

The packaging is provided into different types of doypecks according to the requirements which can be met from ecompostable, through transparent, paper- based, colour-coded or aluminium-based internal barrier which attract attention with their own design so that they can easily fascinate the final customer along with well- designed label, printing.

The option of packaging in different cans (transparent, coloured) is available.

Piece production

The manufacture and production of individual dietary supplements or nutrition (e.g. tablets, capsules, small bags) will be provided and packed in vials, cans doypacks or glass bottles. The advantage of this form of piece packaging is simple dosing, without the need for weighing or measuring, as is the case with loose mixtures.


In our facility, we can pack tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, chocolate, spices or further more types of food for you. If you have a large package and you need to weigh it and pack it into smaller sales packages for the final customer, do not hesitate to contact us with your request and we will definitely find the best solution.


Mixing and filling of various liquids, such as oils, or large packages supplied by you and their subsequent filling into smaller plastic or glass bottles from the volume of 10 ml.

Nut pastes, butters

Nut pastes and butters are produced directly in our facility. They can be made e.g. from peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, natural but also flavored. For production a dedicated mill is used . It uses cold pressing technology, which ensures the preservation of nutrients and minimizes the waste generated.