Mini packages, disposable packages, advertising packages, samples, still talking about one product that has many advantages and variants, where the main advantage is hygienic and hermetic packaging, which will take care of a long shelf life of the packaged product, without the influence of the external environment, simplicity and practicality of use, without the need to weigh or carry a large package with you. In case of vacation or business trip, you are able to take only as many doses as you need with you.

It is only up to you in what way you use the disposable packaging. With fully printed foil, it is possible to sell this product as a separate product, to use it in a larger sales package (a mix of flavors), packed e.g. box, in a luxurious gift box, in a jar or doypack, or use it as an advertising sample or a gift for your customers.

We are talking about a hygienically, hermetically packaged product.

In disposable packaging can be packed:

  • All kinds of loose powder mixtures:
    • Proteins, amino acids, collagens, vitamins, minerals, functional foods, powdered drinks
  • Loose granulated products:
    • Sugar, coffee, salt

All types of foils that we use according to the type of packaged product are intended for contact with food.

In our operation, we offer you to be provided with 2 types of disposable packaging: stick disposable packaging and flat disposable packaging. Learn more about sizes and types HERE.