Forms of packaging

We work with great number of packagings, and would will be delighted to discuss their suitability for individual types of products with you and find the most advantageous alternative as a team.

Now let us introduce you the most commonly used types of packaging that are filled in our operation with the help of modern machines and lines.

Single-use packages, samples (mini-packs)

We are talking about flat disposable bags that represent hygienic packaging for products in powder or granulated form. According to the type of packaged product, a suitable type of foil is determined, which is fully printed with your own design and the requirements established by law. This type of suitable foil with your design gives your product uniqueness and versatility, whether you use it as a small package sold separately, an advertising sample, or the possibility of packing the product for you in a sales box, bag,… can be chosen thanks to which a larger package is received with simple practical use.

For mini packages 2 types of filling machines are used, specifically a machine for stick and flat packaging.

Stick packaging


Oblong or square packaging with the following parameters:

Width of the bag: 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm

Length of the bag: 50 mm – 160 mm

Type of weld: upper and lower, rear longitudinal

Type of cut: notched with round or straight edges (with a bevel)

Volume: 1g – 25 g

Suitable for: loose – powder forms, as well as granulated loose forms

Foil: according to product type, with own printing

Minimum order: from 5,000 pcs.

Flat packaging


Rectangular or square packaging

Bag width: 50 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm

Bag length: 50 mm – 160 mm

Type of weld: 3-sided weld

Type of cut: notched (ensures easy opening without the need of cutting)

Volume: 1g – 50g

Suitable for: loose – powder forms and granulated forms

Foil: according to product type, with own printing

Minimum order: from 5,000 pcs.

Doypack bags

Doypack bags are mainly intended for loose powder mixtures, granular and piece products. There is a possibility for them to be marked with a label that is applied to the doypack before the filling process, in the color of the bag, with a contrasting label, with a transparent label, with a 3D effect, in metallic shades, or even fully printed. According to the request, a measuring cup with the package will be included.


Colors: white, black, brown (paper-based), colored, glossy, matte

Volume: from 50 g to 2000 g, depends on request

Closure: ZIP reusable closure, heat welded

Minimum order: from 100 pcs,

Minimum order with custom printing in one color: from 100 pcs.

Minimum order with full-color printing: from 10,000 pcs.


Vhodné pre všetky sypké, kusové výrobky, orieškové pasty. Sú vyrobené z polyetylénteraftalátu (PET), ktorý je termoplastom zo skupiny polyesterov, často používaný ako obalový materiál na potraviny, vitamíny, nápoje a iné. Jeho hlavnou devízou je, že ho možno recyklovať a na rozdiel od ostatných plastov pre jeho stabilitu po recyklácii používať na mnohé účely. Viečko dóz je vyrobené z polypropylénu (PP) so závitovým uzáverom s tesniacou vložkou v závislosti do vyrábaného produktu aj indukčnou vložkou. Označené etiketou vo farbe dózy, transparentnou etiketou, s 3D efektom, v metalických odtieňoch.


Farby: transparentná, biela, čierna, farebná

Objem: záleží od homogenity produktu

Uzatváranie: indukciou

Minimálny odber od: 500 ks

Bottles for liquids and oils

For liquids and oils plastic or glass bottles are used. Because we care about precise dosing, these bottles come with a pipette or a dropper, or closed only with a cap. It depends on the requirements of the customer´s order. The bottle will be marked by a lable, which can be full-color, transparent.


Colors: transparent, brown, colored

Cover: white, black, gold, silver

Volume: from 10 ml

Minimum order: from 500 pcs.

How the production and packaging process work

Our experience in the field of production and packaging of products, continuous education and modernization of the operation allows us to cooperate with both small and large customers. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us with your request. We approach each of our customers individually.